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There Isn’t A Shortcut To Small Business Success

You guys! Regardless of what you’re hearing, small business success doesn’t happen overnight. Nor are there hard and fast methods proven to make you 6-Figures in 6-Mons. There just isn’t a shortcut to starting and running a successful small business. If something sounds a little too good to be true, it likely is.

I’m so saddened by all the ads I see claiming to offer the ‘Secret Formula’ to success, 0r 5 easy steps to landing a 6-figure year. These claims are misleading and have caused many aspiring entrepreneurs to fail before they even start.

Starting and running a successful small business takes time and a lot of hard work. It is also one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

I’m a fourth generation florist who started working at my family’s business when I was 13. In my mid 20s, I successfully launched a flower studio of my own after relocating to the midwest. I had limited resources and even fewer connections, but I positioned my boutique flower studio in the local luxury market within 12 months of inception. I’m talking highend designs and A-List clients (we did the wedding flowers for a Milwaukee Bucks Player!!!)

Fastforward 5 years, I leveraged the branding and marketing skills I’d learned while running my flower studio to launch a marketing communications consulting business. For over three years, I helped local and national companies brand and market their small businesses.

And now, I’m helping new and aspiring entrepreneurs identify how they can pair their skills, talents, and gifts with their unique life experience to build a successful brand so they can live in their purpose and earn money while serving others.

Check out my video above to hear more about my two new classes that will launch later this year AND find out how you can be the first to hear about free resources, special offers, and more.

Launching Later This Year:

Discover Your Purpose – A guided experience to help you identify the specific skills and life experiences you can use to live in your purpose and earn money while serving others. During the journey we will discover your purpose, identify the limiting beliefs holding you back, and learn what type of entrepreneur you are so you know what systems and support you need to thrive.

Small Biz Branding – Stop dreaming and start doing. This class reveals the steps you need to take to create and launch a small business. Because building a brand is the best way to ensure your success, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to create an authentic and engaging brand. You’ll learn how to identify what you stand for, why you exist, and who you serve. You’ll also learn how to create the visual elements of your brand like color palette, logo, and typography. Finally, you’ll learn to craft the voice you want to use when communicating to customers.

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